Dr. Václav Tyrpekl

Advanced materials for energy applications

Assistant professor

October 2017 - now

Department of inorganic chemistry, Faculty Science, Charles University, Cyech Republic, 
Group of solid state chemistry and nanomaterials
Tel. +420 22195 12 11, e-mail. tyrpekl@natur.cuni.cz

Project Leader

January 2016 - July 2017

Belgian Nuclear Research Centre, SCK CEN, Mol, Belgium, Institute of Nuclear Materials Science, Group of Fuel Materials Analysis


April 2013 - January 2016

European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Karlsruhe, Germany, Nuclear Fuel Safety unit

PhD student

September 2008 - June 2012

CEA Cadarache, France, Department of Nuclear Energy, Division of Nuclear Technology, Laboratory of Severe Accident Mastering
(Université de Strasbourg, Charles University)


Team members

Tadeas Wangle, Dr.

Junior researcher

Doctorate in Materials Engineering from KU Leuven and SCK CEN, Belgium
Working on field assisted sintering for nuclear fuel materials

Adam Alemaeyhu, MSc.

PhD candidate

Working on refractory oxides and field assisted sintering

Matěj Nižňanský


Testing carbides synthesis via solution chemistry

Anastasiya Zakharanka


Investigating the affinity of basic carboxylic acids towards lanthanides

Pavlína Šolcová


Exploring nontraditional synthesis of high-entrophy carbides


Visting students and alumni

Mirko Antonio Vacca (Cagliari, Italy) 2020

Marianna Gerina (Cagliari, Italy) 2019

Aurelija Gulbicka (Vilnius, Lithuania) 2019

Burcu Kartav (Bolu, Turkey) 2018

Melike İmamoglu (Bolu, Turkey) 2018


Research topics

The group is focused on research in solid state chemistry, nanomaterials and ceramic materials for energy applications. Our work is mainly concerned with the chemistry of lanthanides and actinides, especially their behaviour in solution. In particular we prepare and process oxalate salts. Additionaly, we give attention to the application of "Electrical field assisted sintering techniques", such as Flash Sintering or Spark Plasma Sintering.
...And other interesting materials science topics...

Chemistry of oxalates

Electrical field assisted sintering

Nuclear safety and fuel materials

Materials for severe accident mitigation


We are proud to collaborate with

Czech Academy of Sciences

Institute of Plasma Physics

Czech Republic

Czech Academy of Sciences

Institute of Inorganic Chemistry

Czech Republic

UJV Řež a.s.

Division of nuclear safety and security

Czech Republic

Research Centre Řež

Czech Republic


European Commission

Joint Research Centre



Leibnitz Institute für Polymer Forschung


Studiecentrum voor Kernenergie
Centre d'Étude de l'énergie Nucléaire


and others!

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